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Hawaiian Snow Apparel is a GTA:World Roleplay company aimed at creating a realistic clothing manufacturer that not only has a store but an online delivery service to!

All of the products listed here are for Facebrowser and Menyoo purposes (GTA V Single Player), with the majority of mods now available on GTA:World.

Every item you see is a mod that can be added to your game, this includes the clothing, skateboards and accessories. We've tried to price them as realistically as we can to the server economy and don't aim to rip anyone off. We will do our best to get these mods to you as efficiently as we can - but we do roleplay the entire process: from picking your item, packaging and delivering your goods to your character.

This website does not hold any of your private information. It is merely a user interface. You can also forum PM the Hawaiian Snow Apparel account on the GTA:W forums should you prefer to purchase that way!

Please refrain from sending the mod files to your friends. While this is obviously the easiest way for them to spread around, it would negatively impact our roleplay. We want to do this the right way and provide a unique experience to clothing stores for the server!

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